Is It true? HTC Q2 2013 slumps: June sales crash sees profit fall 83% YoY

HTC saw Q2 2013 profits dive more than 83-percent year-on-year, with net income a mere NT$1.25bn ($42m) after awful June sales saw its fledgling turnaround stumble. The unaudited results make for miserable reading in comparison to Q2 2012′s figures, which were themselves dire in comparison to the year previous.

Back in the same period a year ago, HTC made NT$7.4 in net profit. That, at the time, was seen as a poor showing, given it was a 57-percent loss over Q2 in 2011. This time around, HTC took NT$70.7bn in the three month period, though saw sales dip. The company had been enjoying a mild turnaround of sorts, with revenues in April and May 2013 each rising, month-on-month, by over 23- and 48-percent respectively. However, that upward trend buckled in June, with revenues slipping down once more courtesy of an almost 24-percent drop versus May. That, unsurprisingly, is being largely credited to Samsung’s Galaxy S 4, which reached the market after the HTC One but with a considerably larger marketing budget. HTC is yet to comment on the numbers, nor indeed how the company sees its performance changing over the next quarter. Fast incoming is the HTC One Mini, if the rumor-mill is to be believed, which will supposedly bring features like the UltraPixel camera and unibody casing design to a cheaper price point, courtesy of a smaller display. Story Timeline HTC shuffles as COO jumps: Quality teams formed as revenues climb HTC CEO: Exec changes and “narrowed” focus are right for us HTC slashes exec pay by 50% in 2012 over smartphone struggles HTC Q2 2013 slumps: June sales crash sees profit fall 83% YoY is written by Chris Davies & originally posted on SlashGear. © 2005 – 2013, SlashGear. All right reserved.


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