Is It true? Verizon HTC One tipped for today’s press event

This morning it’s been suggested to SlashGear by a trusted source (the anonymous kind) that the HTC One will be appearing at the Verizon press event taking place at 11AM PST in Las Vegas today during CTIA. This event has been teased as one with a “Special Announcement”, which could mean anything, but given the atmosphere and the suggestion, we have no reason to doubt that the HTC One will be part of the show.

The source we’ve spoken to has been correct in several Verizon-bound tips with devices from Nokia and Samsung as well as information about release dates – and release date changes. We’ve had our fair share of run-ins with the Verizon HTC One in the past, having heard that it both is and isn’t coming to the big red carrier from sources both anonymous and official. Back when the HTC One was first unveiled, groups like AT&T and T-Mobile were quick to spring onto the opportunity to carry it. Based on anonymous information we received back then, it was Verizon that was hesitant, but turned a cheek once the reviews for the device were in. As the HTC One popped up as a major favorite on several publications – including our own – we’re to understand that Verizon decided they liked the device so much that they’d be releasing it with the same name. This means that instead of changing the name to suit their DROID lineup family – like what was done with the HTC J Butterfly turned DROID DNA – they’d be bringing it to the surface as the HTC One, as it has been on each other carrier thus far. This sort of thing was done with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung GALAXY S 4, but even the Samsung Galaxy Note II was subject to a rather large Verizon logo on its home button. Here with the HTC One, no such logos will be appearing – at least last we heard. The most solid thing about the collection of anonymous tips SlashGear has received is the idea that today will be the day: the Verizon HTC One will be here before you know it! Story Timeline Verizon backtracks on HTC One refusal HTC One Verizon release in question as Tweets disappear HTC One variant appears in code: Verizon may be brewing Verizon HTC One comments make “big deal” of future release Verizon HTC One speculation returns as DROID DNA offer arrives


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