Is It true? ASUS Transformer tablet teased for Computex 2013

ASUS posted up a video on YouTube that gives us a tease at what to expect from the company at Computex 2013 this year. The video mostly highlights what the company is all about, and they show off some of their products in the video as well, with a few interesting glances at mysterious products that we haven’t seen before.

Based on how many times they use the word “transform” in the video, we can only assume that ASUS will unveil a new Transformer tablet at Computex coming up next month, and based on the teaser video, it looks to be a smaller form factor tablet of sorts with a stylus that comes with it — tucked in on the bottom-right corner as the screenshot above suggests. It could be one of the 7-inch tablets running Windows 8 that has been recently rumored. According to the video description, ASUS says that they will be announcing new products “that reimagine the way you interact with desktop PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and more.” We’re not sure if ASUS would announce a product for everyone of these categories, but it’s possible that we’ll see new devices that blend some of these form factors together. ASUS will be holding a press conference on June 3 for Computex 2013, where the company will officially unveil what they’ve been working on, and based on their cute little countdown that they have posted on their events webpage, that’s only 24 days away at the time of this writing. Story Timeline ASUS rolls out MeMo Pad 7 Android tablet for $149 ASUS FonePad 7 opens to pre-orders in the UK on Friday ASUS releases 15-inch VivoBook S500 with full numpad ASUS Fonepad available now for pre-order in the UK ASUS Taichi 31 ultrabook with back-to-back 1080p displays finally launches ASUS Transformer tablet teased for Computex 2013 is written by Craig Lloyd .


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