Is It true? Hulu Plus comes to Windows Phone 8

Hulu is expanding its mobile offerings by releasing their Hulu Plus app on Windows Phone 8, which is available now for download. The app includes the same features that other Hulu Plus users have already been enjoying, including access to a larger back catalog, but Windows Phone 8 users will also be able to take advantage of Live Tiles in the app.

This is just one of the many apps that has been released for Windows Phone 8 over the past few months, with some of the bigger mobile apps still waiting for their turn for Windows Phone 8 support. Either way, Hulu subscribers who pay for the $8/month plan will be able to enjoy streaming on their WP8 devices now. As for the layout of the app, Hulu went with the traditional Windows Phone 8 layout rather than their own concoction, and firing up the app will lead to the home screen where you can scroll through TV shows — very similar to other Windows Phone 8 apps, and the look should be reminiscent of the Hulu app on Windows 8. Some of the more popular apps and games that have landed on Windows Phone 8 include Pandora, Spotify, Microsoft’s own Photosynth, Modern Combat 4, and Netflix, which arrived on Microsoft’s new platform last month. We can only assume this is Hulu’s answer to Netflix as a way to earn more subscribers by offering Windows Phone 8 support. Story Timeline Hulu looks back on 2012, closes the year with $695 million in revenue Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and SVP Richard Tom both stepping down Hulu announces Andy Forssell as acting CEO Hulu Plus gets all-new design on Apple TV Hulu boasts massive growth in Q1: 1m subscribers added and 1b videos streamed Hulu Plus comes to Windows Phone 8 is written by Craig Lloyd .


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