Is It true? Adonit launches Jot Touch 4 stylus for iPad users

There are a lot of things you can do with the tablet such as the iPad other than simply surfing the Internet, replying to e-mails, and watching video. Many professional and semiprofessional artists all around the world use iPads and other tablets as digital art books. You can draw on these tablets with various applications using your fingers or other accessories.

A company called Adonit has launched a new stylus specifically aimed at the iPad user called the Jot Touch 4. The stylus supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and is able to provide natural lines. The stylus also supports palm rejection allowing you to rest your hands on the screen as you work. Knowing that your palm or other fingers isn’t going to accidentally destroy your art is a big deal. The stylus pairs to the iPad using Bluetooth 4.0. Battery life for the stylus is one month per charge and it charges via USB. The stylus also features a pair of shortcut buttons close to the tip allowing you to access software tools quickly and perform undo functions or switch colors with a press. The pointed tip of the pen isn’t what touches the screen of your tablet. The round clear disk is what actually glides across the screen of your tablet and since it’s clear you can see exactly what sort of line you’re making. The tip also has a dampening functionality that makes it feel as if you’re writing with a pen on paper. That dampening tip also helps reduce noise allowing you to work in silence. The stylus is available right now for $89.99. [via Adonit] Adonit launches Jot Touch 4 stylus for iPad users is written by Shane McGlaun .


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