Is It true? Netflix removing 1,800 titles as studio deals expire

Netflix will be removing approximately 1,800 titles from its streaming library today because licensing agreements with several studios like Universal, MGM, and Warner Bros are expiring. Content that is set to for removal includes 15 seasons of South Park, older films from the James Bond series, as well as a few classic horror movies.

While this may come as a shock, it’s common business for Netflix to constantly be evaluating its content and remove and add certain movies and TV shows when it feels that it should. The company says that they aim to be a good programmer rather than a broad distributor. As a result, Netflix will only be serving up the most popular pieces of content, rather than everything under the sun. However, not all hope is lost, as Netflix will also be adding more content at the same time it will be removing content. New shows and movies that the company will be adding on include ParaNorman, The Hunger Games, Safe, Bachelorette, and Mission Impossible 2, as well as a handful of other titles being tacked on. Netflix’s four-year contract with Starz ended last year, which saw the end of streaming for movies like Scarface, Young Frankenstein, Toy Story 3, and Gangs of New York. However, Netflix recently signed a contract with Disney, which will see a handful of classic childrens’ movies come to the streaming service shortly. [via CNET] Story Timeline Netflix lands new Hasbro kids shows coming this summer Netflix switching to HTML5 video from Silverlight Analysts say Netflix should crack down on account sharing Netflix adds 3 million new subscribers in Q1 2013 Password sharing not a problem says Netflix CEO (but adds family plans anyway) Netflix removing 1,800 titles as studio deals expire is written by Craig Lloyd .


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